Perform Better in the AI Age

Identify performance gaps in seconds.
Improve them immediately.

Custom growth plans in a click

Don’t build personalized improvement plans manually. Generate them in seconds. We’ll turn your feedback into an improvement plan in a single click.

Build Predictable Performance

Uncover skill gaps before they impact metrics or top-line figures. Our skills data helps you anticipate how someone will perform in the future.

Your teams skill up.
You’re optional.

Focus your leaders’ time and attention on what matters most. Our AI-powered guidance lets your teams skill up themselves.

Designed to support teams. Made to empower individuals.

faster ramp times


team performance


place for all skills & KPIs

Christina Sass,
Co-founder & former COO, Andela

"The folks at Startwise are obsessed with helping people grow. Their early influence at Andela changed individual lives and changed the company."

Lead your team to top performance with these features

Ramp Accelerator

Launch custom ramp programs in minutes. Watch new hires knock your socks off.

Skill Gap Finder

No more awkward 1:1s. Let Ozzie AI spot performance gaps and deliver helpful feedback every week.

AI-Driven Upskilling

We've mapped every job skill so you don't have to. Ozzie AI will cover every skill up needed.

Promotion Tracks

Make retention a no-brainer. Build confidence in your teammates and earn their trust in you.