Make work worth it.

Life is short. Work is shorter. Startwise exists to make your work worth the time you put into it.

We aim to put joy at the center of everything we do. We seek and share the joys in our jobs.


We believe everyone should have access to meaningful work at a dignified wage. We unblock ourselves and each other.


In order to connect with our purpose, we must first learn what we find meaningful. We find lasting meaning in our daily responsibilities.


If you're not trying to win at work, then you're just passing the time. We strive to win, and we learn when we lose.

Meet the team

Adam Lupu

Founder, Co-CEO

Celeste Foster

Director of Operations, Barbados

Scott Taylor

Founder, Co-CEO

Alix Dvorak

Advisor, Customer Success & Green Jobs

Michael Rosenberg

Director, Programs & User Experience

Fabrice Latour

Head Of Engineering

Elease August

Career Success Coach

Ifeoma Igweze

Advisor, Data & Automation

Troy Holder

Career Success Coach

Paul Husbands

Advisor, Brand & Graphic Design

Kathleen Brathwaite

Career Success Coach

Peter Thompson

Career Success Coach

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